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Kaltik respects the privacy of all individuals visiting our website. Our site is designed to provide easily accessible information on Kaltik products and to make it as convenient as possible for visitors to get detailed information if they so desire.

All visitors to our site may view the information provided without identifying whom they are, or revealing any information about themselves. Our website servers do not in any way collect email addresses or other private information unless the information is specifically shared and entered by our website guests.

Most importantly, we do not sell or distribute any lists or information obtained through our website to any outside organizations or entities.

In some cases, when a site visitor requests information, we may mailing and/or email address information. When additional information on our products, such as literature mailings, is specifically requested by the website visitor, we may share mailing and/or email information with carefully selected representatives or business partners. We do this so the requested information can be forwarded to those individuals originating the request. Our business partners may also use the information to follow up with the originator of the request in order to ensure they are satisfied with the information that has been provided to them. Our purpose in doing this is to provide the requested information as expediently as possible, and to ensure the requestor's satisfaction with the information they have received.

Thanks for your visiting our website. We do hope you find it informative and convenient to use.

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