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1. What are the storage conditions of concern to collectors and consumers to fine wine?
Light, humidity, temperature and vibration.

2. What is the ideal temperature for wine?
The ideal temperature to store wines is between 52ºF and 57ºF (11ºC~14ºC). However, any temperature between 41º~72ºF (5º~22ºC) will suffice as long as it remains constant.

3. What is the ideal humidity for wine?
Humidty between 60%-70% is a superlative range in which to store wine. High humidity levels keep moisture inside the bottle thus preventing evaporation through the cork. Humidity levels that are too high often cause micro-organisms to grow which can age your wine prematurely or even spoil your wine.

4. What is the automatic defrosting?
The microcomputer records the compressor running and starts/stops the defrosting cucle automatically. During this period, the accumulated frost melts and becomes water droplets that run down to the water drip tray. There, the compressor heat and condenser airflow evaporate the moisture.

5. How do I clean the stainless steel door frame?
The stainless steel can be cleaned with mild soap and water. To bring out the natural luster, lightly wipe the surface with a water dampened microfibril cloth, followed by a dry polishing chamois. All work should follow the direction of the grain, and better results are obtained by keeping the cloth in continuous contact with the metal.

6. The storage temperature seems to vary by 3 or 4 degrees frequently.
This is normal: small differences in temperature are necessary for the unit to work properly. When the cellar starts a defrost cycle, the temperature rises slightly. When the cooling system resumes working, the temperature cools down.
Such changes happen over a short time and their influence is too minimal to affect wine preservation. Liquid tends to keep an average temperature by physical law. For example, if a swimming pool’s temperature is at 25°C and, one night, outside temperature drops to 18°C, the water’s temperature will not drop as much. In the morning, it might only be at 22°C.
7. Water has appeared in the inside wall of the appliance.
During highly humid times, especially during summer, this can happen when opening the door too often.
8. Mist/Condensation has appeared on the glass door.
During highly humid times, especially during summer, this can happen.
9. Interior fan motors cycle on and off even the set temperature has been reached
In order to circulate the air and maintain the set temperature inside the cabinet the inside fans must cycle on and off when the compressor is off in Dynamic Climate mode. The Dynamic Climate mode enables the relative humidity inside the unit and the temperature to be distributed evenly around the interior so you can store all your wine under exactly the same excellent conditions. If you would like to use the unit to store wine long term, the dynamic climate mode is a must. This will create a continuous climate in the cabinet which imitates that of a wine cellar. Dynamic Climate mode is the factory preset mode, creating noises. You can change to Silent mode.
10. Digital display functions. But the unit does not cool.
Check to see if the unit is in “Eco Demo mode”. Press and hold the “UP”, “DOWN” and “LIGHT” keys at the same time for at least 5 seconds to exit Eco Demo mode.
11. Digital display, light and sound do not work but the unit is cooling well.
The unit maybe in Sabbath mode.
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